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4 Amazing Things About

Draft Day Sports: Pro Golf

Play A Career

DDS:PG is a career based golf simulation. With six tours in total to play on you can start your career on a junior circuit, make the pros and ride off into the sunset on the senior tour.

Lightning Quick Gameplay

Who has time to play hours of computer golf? With our 2D engine you can play a round in just a matter of minutes. Get a whole tournament in during lunch or easily play out a season in one sitting!

New Strategy Options

DDS:PG gives you brand new total control over the development of your golfer over time and gives you new on course strategy options like enhanced putting strategies to make the game even more lifelike than before!

Totally New UI

It's been ten years since we released our last golf title - times have changed just a little :) Our new UI is gorgeous and marks the best UI yet in the Draft Day Sports line of games.